Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (2)

Can you identify what is happening here?

It isn't a very clear picture, of course, but maybe you can detect its focal point. I still remember when we first saw this scene in 1993, scared to death, yet finding ourselves actually laughing. It takes talent to get a theater full of scared people to laugh at the scariness in front of them. 

Ian Malcomb sat backwards in the jeep, his leg injured horribly (by a dinosaur) and with little hope of getting out of there alive. He alone had a clear view of what was heading their way. "Must go faster! Must go faster!" he shouted. The driver glanced into the rear view mirror, taking in its message - and that is when everybody laughed.

The dinosaurs in that first Jurassic movie were hugely frightening to those of us who had never seen one. They came after people and caught them - even in an outhouse (apparently you can run but you can't hide). They roared unbelievably loudly causing mayhem wherever they went. And they ruled the earth like they had never ruled it before. At least, for a moment they made us believe that they did.

I am thinking about this simply because there are so many Jurassic images floating around us right now. It's absolutely everywhere: 

  • I saw Jurassic World a month ago and came out of it with a soar throat. 
  • I then started listening to Jurassic Park and The Lost World on Audible.com while walking my 10 each day. 
  • We rented Jurassic Park on Amazon Prime, and watched its magic 23 years after our first time. 
  • We'll rent The Lost World movie next, and by then we might just about be at the END OF OUR PITIFUL ROPE on dinosaurs (what else can we possibly watch, hear, or otherwise consume that could ever outdo what Spielberg and Crichton have already done? Hmm?)

But I just can't figure one thing out. And that is, why I insist on screaming at a movie like this one when absolutely NONE of it should scare anybody. It isn't as if we need fear a dinosaur walking around our neighborhoods. There will NEVER be a dinosaur walking around our neighborhoods. 

An earthquake movie, though - THAT is something worth screaming in (and the same crazy lady who screamed all the way through this movie did the same thing during that one. You just can't take her anywhere).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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