Saturday, July 18, 2015

Travel Day 10 (The Rock)

Haystack Rock was the goal, and all of them ran to it. There was the occasional pause in order to dig something up or rescue a jellyfish. But in general, they ran.

We were told by some person that the Rock is 1 mile down and 2 miles back, and we fully believe this statement. The grownups had to hoof it pretty sharp in order to keep up, but the wind was at our backs and there was a happiness in watching the speeders go by. There were no tears.

The smallest of them stayed with the pack, keeping their gaze toward that humungous Haystack which loomed large and drew them along. Nobody had to tell them what to do or where to go. It is like that with Icons such as this one. Following becomes obvious.

One of the grownups walking quickly by my side was my sister, who had grown up knowing that Rock as a small girl. Having become lost along its beach nearby, she sat down near it, and she prayed - she knew about prayer because Mother and Dad had told her all about the God who answers. Then, she settled in and waited to be found.

And wonderfully, unbelievably, she was! Being found by somebody kind and trustworthy who just happens to know exactly where your parents are is a heady business. A business that impresses you so much that you never forget that early answer to your prayer. And every time she saw Haystack Rock after that day, she remembered. It was epic.

And now we and our grandchildren have spent one epic week in that same place, learning about the Rock that remains the same year after year, eon after eon. They have grown to love it as we do, and see it as a frame of reference that will never change.

And all of us keep learning an important truth. The Rock won't move.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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