Thursday, July 9, 2015

Travel Day 1

Well, there was water. These little thirsty Californians gathered around it as if it were the rarest of commodities in the Central Valley. Well, it really is the rarest of commodities in the Central Valley. Believe me, we saw plenty of signs along the way telling someone (perhaps the Governor?) all about that. But we luckily had scads of our own clean water bottles and so did not need to rely on anything so muddy as this. And we did not count ourselves as among those in CA who had stopped showering in order to conserve (perhaps the Governor?).

But leaving water aside, I have got to tell you how fun it is to have travel adventures with the three you see below. 

Water in the Central Valley (breadbasket to the world)

It's really quite simple. You need only a few things to make traveling with them successful:
  • a good audiobook
  • the right connection between your smartphone and the vehicle sound system (just hit 'AUX', and you're a GO)
  • a lunch with some variety included, handed out at exactly the moment you sense hunger 
  • water bottles each with the child's initial written onto the lid
  • additional snack items to produce whenever it sounds as if someone might be feeling peckish
  • a smartphone to alert you to upcoming rest areas
  • a well-placed Gummy Worm handed out at the opportune moment
I suppose the next and perhaps most important item to bring along with you would be an attitude of patience. We did bring this, but didn't really even need it yet. I know, I know, it's only day 1, but we are ready for the next; and the next. Whatever it takes.

The audiobook we all listened to on day 1

A large part of what made this easy is that their parents had every possible thing all organized and packed, to the Nth degree. Even an overnight bag containing only what would be needed en route (therefore not requiring all the suitcases to be brought in -  Brilliant!). There is not one thing we needed that we did not have. 

Yay and Hooray! They are currently in their room sinking quickly into the sleep we hope will be deep, and long. And then we will all wake up refreshed, and probably hungry, and no doubt happy to be a good distance closer to our Goal. I can almost smell the sea air.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Stopping for dinner means much more than just Soup


  1. Chris,
    What app do you have the alerts you to upcoming rest stops? Must have!!!

    1. Oh - I don't have an app for it, so sorry! I just go to maps on the iPhone, and type in 'rest area near me', and sometimes that is the 'alert'. It usually works, but sometimes it vectors me to get off the freeway, make a uTurn and go back the other direction! Not helpful. I WANT an app

    2. I just found this: but haven't tried it yet