Sunday, July 12, 2015


"Great Grandma, may I tell you about something?" asked the small sprite at breakfast. It was a lovely breakfast buffet, with all sorts of exotic items unknown to most of the children. But then they located the fruit, and certainly knew what to do with that. Their mother's parting words had been, "Remember to eat lots of fruit!". And so they did.

"Oh yes, you may," said Great Grandmother now. You could tell anything to Great Grandmother. That is well known.

And so the little girl began to tell a story in her very animated way as Great Grandmother ate her breakfast. They sat quite companionably chatting away as if they were old friends. Great Grandmothers are always interested in their offspring's offspring (that is also well known).

Then, "Do you want to hear a story about your grandmother?" asked Great Grandmother.

"Yes I do!" said the girl, looking at the blond lady who was smiling across the table at her.

"Well, it all began when your grandmother was not much older than you are now. She and her cousin were right here at this lovely place, and decided to go out into the ocean. They did not know they were going to go out into the ocean. They thought they were only going out to the big rock for a look. But the water looked so interesting and the waves so fun that they walked out a little ways into it. At first the waves were only up to their ankles. So they kept going. "It will be alright," they said to each other. But they kept going out and out, until the water was all the way up to their necks." 

"Oh no!" interjected  the sprite.

"Suddenly they felt afraid, because the waves were so hard to get away from. They tried and tried to get back to the sand. And finally, little by little they made progress until they saw our car sitting out on the sand nearby. They ran fast to our car in great relief, and cried, "We are sorry we went so far out into the waves!" Your great grandfather and I felt so thankful that they were safe, that we decided not to scold. But the girls' clothes were very wet, and that is not at all comfortable." 

The End.

The little girl looked wide-eyed at this story about her grandmother. She had not thought about her grandmother being little long ago, or that she would have ever dared to go so far out into the waves. She was certain that she would never go so far out herself.

Soon it was time to finish breakfast, and go outside, and walk with cousins, and play golfing, and see their tall and accommodating cousin, and line up for photos, and go to classes, and be collected for lunch. It was all the most terrific fun, from beginning to end. And it was only SUNDAY, with many more days yet to enjoy! That is because this Place is magical. Or, perhaps a better word for it might be miraculous. Yes, that is just exactly the perfect word. Because the miraculous still does happen.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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