Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Color and the Light

Perhaps it was only a matter of time.

The weather might be chilly there, and the winds may tend to blow. But just look at this and fall in love. I dare you not to.

The SconeLady's fingers are strangely quick on the keys once again, searching for the perfect spot to linger. It is a combination of the sea, and the color, and the light - and the people - that calls a person back there, over and over again. I have tried to figure it out but can come up with only a vague notion that, although it isn't exactly home, it runs a close 2nd. And besides, the only scones I have been able to taste over here since April have been the ones that I, or my sister, have made ourselves. Try as I might to find them, the call for scones - and afternoon tea in general - remains illusive.

Therefore, a rather dreamlike plan begins to form; hazy, imprecise, but hovering near the inevitable. As you know, at least half the fun of going is the planning! And this time, besides the endless pursuit of scones I really must begin my gradual tour of the Cathedrals of England. There are (as far as I can count) 44 Anglican Cathedrals in England alone. And I have been to only 11! Each of them was worth every effort it took to find them, and in fact - all were breathtaking.

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

Nothing has really happened yet, for it is early days and there is time to think and plan. Just gazing seems to help. I can totally see why Rick Steves has become such an inveterate travel aficionado. It might be a virus, or something. Perhaps we have caught it, and do not wish to find the cure.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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