Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the SconeLady Travels

It is no secret that the SconeLady travels. Her family, even the smallest of them, have taken to enquiring regularly, "Where are you going now, Grandma?" It just can't be helped.

And they are getting to be good travelers too! There is no time like the present (the SconeLady thinks) to indoctrinate them into the joys of seeking out adventures together. Therefore, we have Plans. We want to go and see the places we have seen and loved, before. 

We want to be in the spot where a tiny girl climbed a mountain - and everyone cheered:

We want to be in the place where kites were flown:

Where Alpacas roamed and were soft to the touch:

..and where a wee friend was made:

We discuss going to where a very special stove awaited us, and we could play with it together (very close together - sometimes perhaps too close together..)

We want to be where the flowers can bloom uninhibited by drought, and we can give them just as much water as they can possibly drink:

We want to visit with two of the sweetest great-grandparents ever:

And be in the State of the union where once we sat with two of our dearest, whom we now sadly miss..

..and the State where the absolute favorite pastime of those two was simply sitting on the back patio, gazing out at the beauty that is Oregon:

So these are our Plans, meticulously laid out and looked forward to as we drop off to sleep this night. The idea of being where 'drought' is always going to be someone else's problem? Oh yes, please!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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