Sunday, July 19, 2015

Travel Day 11 (Together Again)

One last long drive - down and away from Cannon Beach, onto boring old Interstate 5, steadily drawing ever nearer to Mother and Dad. Burger King and McDonald's fed us well, one last hotel made us welcome, and then:

Back in the arms. 

We almost couldn't believe it when we saw their mother running outside to meet the van! There was shouting and whoo-hooing to beat the band. There was clapping. Smiling. And then all that endless hugging. Our Great Experiment had worked, praise the Lord!

After the reunion settled down a bit, we switched vehicles and kiddies. Our Volvo was repackaged with our things and their van with theirs. Precious cargo of three darlings were all loaded up, and we went our separate ways. 

"Will you sleep for a week?!" teased the lovely daughter.

"Yes! But there will be withdrawal symptoms.." It had to be admitted, we had enjoyed thoroughly our week and a half of being 'Parents' once more. Then again, the sleeping for a week sounded rather nice..

So we were driving quietly south when we began getting strange flash flood warnings from our cell phones. A hideous squealing noise accompanied by the message that the area we were driving in (the Grapevine) was having flooding. Did this mean ---- could this mean --- RAIN????? Could it be possible? Was thirsty California getting the much needed precipitation it had been lacking? And (perhaps) might the Governor be able to resume showering again? (dared we all hope?)

Yes, yes, and - yes! It WAS rain, and we drove straight through it - rather scarily, but with great fits of excitement as we sloshed along. Traffic jams? Who cared! Scary winds and storms? Who could be afraid? We had rain, and that was what counted.

So we have returned, and I think my sleep-for-a-week is probably just about to start. Any minute now.. and with great thankfulness for all the fun, all the safety, all the tucking-in 
to sweet beds, all the potty stops (!), all the 'I love you!'s, and all the jolly laughter. But..

It's going to be awfully quiet around here.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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