Friday, July 3, 2015

The 21st Century Scone

'Taking the humble scone to extraordinary new heights'
-The Little Book of Scones
by Liam D'Arcy & Grace Hall

So it was almost my birthday, and I was feeling just a bit peckish. One can do almost anything they like on (or near) their birthday, feeling disinclined to turn themselves down. So over yonder on comfy couch lay The Little Book of Scones, just about literally calling out to me.

And I answered the call. There seemed to be no choice, being the SconeLady, of course.

This time my fingers leafed straight through to Grace Hall's Basic Sweet Scone recipe (page 20) which has become a great favorite. With each recipe, Grace and Liam have listed certain recommended songs to listen to as you bake, and today's happened to be 'Home', sung by Michael Buble. It was fabulous and you should listen to it. They have all sorts of suggested songs, from 'I Get A Kick Out Of You', to 'Pennies From Heaven', and even this unique suggestion: 'Loaded', by Primal Scream. I do not know exactly who Primal Scream is, but I really must try it one day (I think).

It is astonishing just how quickly a person can whip up a scone in this day and age. No trouble at all. Just about the time my husband began wondering what on earth that lovely aroma was, I had the cream whipped, the butter settled upon its dish, and Asaam tea in the pot. So we tucked right in.

Intermittently gazing out at the lovely view, we applied liberal amounts of butter, jam, and whipped cream. After all, it was almost my birthday.

This had all been so last-minute that there was no time to really ask anyone over to enjoy it with us. So we had our own delicious tea time to enjoy the tastes and discuss events in a leisurely manner. It is very comforting to have someone to share a home with who feels the same way you do about things, and can understand and sympathize uniquely. I was so glad to have him sitting there, kindly listening, and murmuring comforting things. I loved it.

In mid-sentence, however, I suddenly noticed there had been no egg or buttermilk wash brushed over the scones before they went into the oven. Horrors! That happens to be the most important step when you are baking scones of any kind. One must never forget it, according to Josh the scone baker at The Digey Food Room. I must have been distracted by the sounds of Michael Buble, and forgotten (it was rather lovely).

But, I am assured, the scones were outstanding anyway and the SconeLady's husband was pleased to say so.

So dear Readers, any time you are feeling peckish, and don't really know exactly what would make you feel the best, just go and look up a good scone recipe. Then gather your ingredients (they are almost always things you already have!), mix them together, and - voila! All shall be well. And you might even want to try Primal Scream, if you are feeling up to it. It's always worth a try.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

(special note: I looked up Primal Scream on Youtube, and listened to 'Loaded'. There wasn't anybody screaming on it, and in fact there were no humans on it at all. I mean, no singing voices. It was quite interesting and I do not know why they call themselves Primal Scream. But whatever floats your boat.)

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