Friday, July 17, 2015

Travel Day 9 (Late Night Talks)

"I need to talk with you Grandma.." said the eldest, soberly. 

He had been quite thoughtful about something this day, but I knew not what. "Will you talk with me?" 

It was time for bed, but.. "Ok, sure", I said. He seemed resolved to have whatever it was off his chest. I wondered what it could be. Would I need to alert his mother? Perhaps there was some spiritual issue that I might be able to help him work through. I was ready for anything.

I looked at him expectantly as we entered the lounge down the hall and chose a couch. "What's up?" I asked.

"Well, I need to talk with you about..."


"..about.. Legos." 

"Umm, Legos?" I replied. "What about them?" 

It all came out at once. "Well Grandma I have Lego sets that I have put together and then they get broken up and then pieces go missing and then 'other people' like to play with the pieces someplace else and I lose all track of them and all of the Lego sets are all mixed together and I need more storage for them and.." he trailed off.

All of this was so heartfelt that I immediately took the same tack. We discussed the details, with me saying, "Oh?...Tell me more...What happened then?" as I had learned from a very good therapist I know. Throughout this conversation I picked up quite a lot about asset management.

We came up with some solutions, and then both of us were suddenly yawning hugely. It really was was time for bed. Everyone else was already fast asleep. As we walked back down the hallway he suddenly hugged me and said, "Grandma you have solved all of my problems!" 

I smiled, wishing all of life's problems were that easy to solve - a couch and a few well-placed questions. But at least for an 8 year old's Lego problem, we had done a pretty good job. Happy is the person whose grandson wants her advice. And happy is the grandson who is willing to listen to it.

Oh yes, happy, all around.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady


  1. He is such a sweetheart! What a special time you all have had together!