Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scones and Cathedrals

The emails between Norfolk and California have begun picking up, dear Readers, and I'll bet you have no difficulty at all in guessing why. Travel plans! The excitement builds as Fall of 2015 shapes itself into yet another search for scones - and Cathedrals - and friend Rosie.

It is really lovely to make distance plans with someone who is just as keenly interested. Who speaks British and understands American. Who gives more than she receives. And shall I say one thing more? Whose children are just as nice to me as their mother is. It is puzzling, but they do!

Just yesterday as I was plying friend Rosie with electronic details, questions, and exclamation points, she sent the photograph below with the caption: 

This is what I've been doing this morning xxx

What she had been doing this morning is going to be what I am doing tomorrow morning. Just look at those muffins! They are Raspberry and Almond, and were made for a charity event that friend Rosie fully supports. I found myself envying the lucky charitable giver who will be consuming these tasty treats at that event. I myself would have paid dearly for them.

But since I am not there and she is not here, I shall have to make them for myself. And by tomorrow evening there will be a post all about it, with a photo. We shall compare how the British AGA cooker produces muffins, as compared with the Electro Lux oven in my American kitchen. I myself cooked with an AGA long years ago in Norfolk, and I know how superior it is. There should be an AGA in every kitchen! How delicious everything would be.

And in the meantime, Readers, thirsty California is once again getting rained upon. Right this very minute! Yay and Hooray! We sit here gazing out of the open door at it, in wonder. It may appear dull and gray, and may mean the lake overflows again. But to we thirsty Californians it is the most beautiful sight in this wide world right about now. 

The Governor's wife must be dancing a jig.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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