Saturday, February 14, 2015

Along A Cobbled Lane

Only 4 days to wait! 

And what will the SconeLady do first, upon reaching darling St Ives? What has drawn her back across the Atlantic again? There are so many bright spots to choose from that I can hardly pick out the nicest. But I do believe my first visit should be to the site of last year's winner of the Challenge - finding and consuming the best and tastiest of scones in Cornwall.

The Digey Food Room.

And yes, among other things, I will once again be searching for the illusive 'best scone ever', and will be doing my utmost to find it. Very possibly, the result will be the same, ha! You may find the way we met the baker of this very best scone ever, here. There were lots and lots of other tea type shops, places that advertised well and had all the trappings of greatness. But there is simply something very special about Josh's product. The crisp flakiness on the outside, the softness on the in; the just-right-amount of sweetness added; the warmth that testifies to having just come from the oven and not a microwave (I did not see a microwave in there). All of this underscores my respect, and I can hardly wait to walk down the road, around the corner, onto the lane called The Digey, and on up toward the Food Room.

It is so aptly named. They could have called it a cafe, a restaurant, a bistro, a tea room, or coffee bar, but they made themselves more specific. Food Room. It is what it says. A place you will find food at its very best. There are no white table cloths, no soft music piped to your table, no waitresses dressed like Victorian servants. None of those things will you find here. 

But I can make a confident guarantee right here and now: you will find what you hope to find, every time. 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

P.S. But - dear Readers! - I will be there for more than just scones, this year. Dare I mention? My eye is on the completion of (or at least the beginnings of the completion of) a Book! Can you believe it? Written by the SconeLady while in Cornwall - a dear story needing to be told. So, it will be a longer trip. And you will be able to follow it right here, and all it will take is a click - and there we will be, together.

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