Wednesday, February 4, 2015


During a 12 mile walk one recent morning, I threaded my way over and past an exchange that might alarm the hardiest pedestrian. Never was I actually on the exchange, but I did skirt it a bit; just a very little bit. Purple umbrella and orange back-bag were the beacons warning all encroaching cars: The SconeLady is coming. STEER CLEAR. 

At times like these, one must have literally all of their wits about them.

I did have those wits out and about, and nothing untoward happened nor threatened to happen. The SconeLady is very aware of her surroundings at a time like that. All the same, I wasn't really seeing the asphalt. In my mind's eye I was skirting the waves of a sea so blue it was almost impossible. The fact that there was a graveyard nearby only made it more alluring. Where in California is there a long, white sandy beach next to exquisite turquoise waters next to the ancient graves of the dead? I ask you.

It's not so much the gravestones, but the ground itself I long to see. That bright blessed place filled with light and color, and the waves. 

Have you guessed by now, dear Readers, that I am to go there? Two weeks until! The countdown is on and there is much to do. Plans to make. Routes to map out. Scones to seek! I do hope the tea shops are going to be open. 

It will almost be a party! for friend Rosie, and Ted, will come, as they always do come. Joy of joys! We will be back to our old tricks of traipsing along the Cornish cliffs and pathways, talking through (if not solving) all the problems of the world. And there are a lot of those.

And then, oh embarrassment of riches, will come the arrival of the kindly sister with her husband (he of the chef school credentials) and for a time, the quality of food intake will drastically improve. 

How thankful I am for it all.

I clearly recall being a young mother, probably with toddlers, probably up to the elbows in dish soap. Questioning whether I would ever wander the earth in bohemian fashion, never dreaming of such possibilities as are now within reach. To you, oh mothers, I must shout encouragement: It Will Happen, maybe just not this minute; but don't give up! Keep cleaning those endless plates and bowls, and spoons. Faithfully wash the tiny faces turned up so trustingly toward your own. You are their world

If you have a husband, bless him with your kindness. Use your energies on his behalf whenever you can. If you have not the energy, Christ does, and will pour it over you.

Everyone knows: this time is short and you will one day miss it. 

In the meantime..PLAN.

And I hope to see you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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