Monday, February 23, 2015

Cornwall, Day 3 (Happenings)

This is the day that I:

  • had a fresh croissant from the corner market, with coffee at my own sweet kitchen table
  • heard a strange pinging noise on the roof and peeked out to find a freakish HAIL falling from the skies
  • walked along the harbor half an hour later to suddenly be surprised by a sky of immense and gleaming blue
  • struck up a conversation with two friendly British ladies whose husbands are in southern California ("Where are they?" I asked. "Laguna Beach - and it was 82F there today! They keep rubbing it in and we are supremely jealous," they replied cheerfully)
  • walked with joy along the heights and depths that are St Ives Cornwall
  • suddenly remembered I had forgotten to watch two episodes of Downton Abbey!
  • forgot how early it was back home and Face Timed the rather stunning (and sleepy) son, and saw that he was happy with me anyway
  • bought the most delicious block of Cadbury's Chocolate. And...
  • stood inside an ancient church building, gazing out at the sweetest view of the day (see above)

It had taken me 5 days, but today I all-at-once knew that I'd been walking on the wrong side of the roadways/walkways the entire time because I forgot I was an American and everybody else here isn't and pedestrians and vehicles were all becoming bunched up and confused and waiting for me to GET A CLUE. 

You see, the streets and avenues here are teeny-tiny and there's just NO ROOM to dither with. And everyone is so completely polite here that they don't scold. I love this place! Back home I would have been honked at and probably yelled at and there would have been no end of a row. 

But I've figured it out now. And tomorrow there will be a visit to The Digey Food Rooms, where I am certain to find the finest scone baker in all of Cornwall.

Porthminster Beach, St Ives
23 Feb 2015

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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