Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another Airport

The plan works brilliantly every time. I arrive. Get in line. Check the bag. Drop the bag. Walk the steps up to the TSA dudes. Be looked at by the TSA dudes. Throw everything into the X-ray bins. Raise my arms. Finish being x-ray-ed. Gather everything together again. Go to the gate. And then...


This last is the most important step in the process because one's electronics simply must be fully charged for the journey ahead. And would you like to see my list of electronics? they are:

  • iphone 5s
  • iphone 6+
  • ipad
  • MacBook Air (laptop)
Not all of these items were fully charged when we left home, for a variety of reasons. Two were, two weren't. So arriving early is the grandest thing. 

I then walked into the empty gate area and immediately began the search. There were, it appeared, none anywhere. I must have looked horribly stranded and confused because an official took pity and pointed me to a wee corner which contained the ONLY power point in that area. I dashed over and plugged in, and voila! I am SET.

But - what is this?! I am suddenly and completely surrounded by young, energetic students, almost all boys - none of them the least bit shy. I count 40, perhaps on some sort of school tour. All British, that is clear. All with their own electronic gear on their laps  (probably needing outlets..). And they are accompanied by a handful of harried-looking grownups who clearly cannot wait to have this over.

Those poor grownups.

And so the SconeLady awaits her red and white Chariot to lumber up to the gate, and receive her. She is ready. She is happy. But - she feels lonely! Oh dear. 

Thank heavens for FaceTime.

See you in England!
the Sconelady

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