Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cornwall, Day 4 (Here Comes The Sun)

The Digey Food Room, St Ives, 24 Feb 2015

I had wandered nostalgically past it a few times already, but wanted to go there when the sky was just as blue as their sign. Today, at last, it was. Even bluer! (is that a word?)

Coming through the door of the Digey I felt as if my entire family were all right there with me. They know it well! But I walked in alone, breathing in the wonderful aromas that met me there. Ah, scones.

A menu lay unread on the table because I always know exactly what I will order. There is no other viable choice (although one sister did mention rather liking a photo of the gingerbread there. I will soon try it, and let her/you know!). 

Josh, the best scone baker in Cornwall

Of course I ordered a scone and a pot of tea-for-one, and of course JOSH delivered it to my table! 

"Are you Josh?" I queried, and identified myself as the SconeLady.

"Oh! I thought I recognized you," he said, smiling. Once again he submitted to being photographed, this time with the famous scone. Kindly man of few words, scone-baker extraordinaire, always willing to help out this wandering SconeLady.

If such a thing is even possible, the scone at the Digey Food Room today was even better than before. And it was a 10 ALREADY. I had promised you that I would use Josh's recipe soon and tell you how it had turned out. Alas! I have not yet done this. 

I now admit that this neglect is mostly because the recipe was in the large quantities befitting a Food Room. I didn't feel up to all that division of grams and other odd metrics. And yet - perhaps when friend Rosie arrives next week, WE can use the recipe and let you know how it turns out. She can figure it out with me!

Besides these scone-ish delights, today I:
  • enjoyed an apple-berry Cornish pasty for breakfast :-)
  • walked 10 easy miles under a blue (if windy) sky
  • began to be recognized and spoken to!
  • was surrounded by four darling doggies wishing to share their love
  • signed myself up as a 'temporary patient' with the National Health Service! (alert: the Brits do it best)
  • fixed the Internet troubles :-) and...
  • remembered that the Oscars had happened 2 days ago - without me! 
But I don't think I really missed very much, do you? My heart just wasn't in it this time. Still, I would like to have seen what the ladies were wearing. Or not wearing, whatever the case may be.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Barnoon Cemetery, St Ives 24 Feb 2015

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