Monday, February 9, 2015

WebCam vs Real Thing

Oh SconeTherapy Readers, 

The pre-trip excitement is building up, here in the western United States. I can hardly stand it! Everything is planned out nicely enough and the cottage awaits, but I still wish I could just see it all right now. It's a bit like longing to open a Christmas gift on December 15. So in mild desperation for a sneak peek (and not willing to wait), I pathetically looked up web cams for Cornwall just to appease myself. And this is what I saw, today - a bright sunny sky, waiting just for me!

Of course, it was something like 37F there but with all that lovely sunshine, who cares? 

When I had plumbed the WebCam depths, I meandered over to my 'Currency' app to check the British pound to US dollar rates. When I do this I become either ecstatic or despondent, depending upon the rate. For one red-letter-day it was $1.49 per pound, and I of course was ecstatic and rashly paid for the cottage RIGHT THEN. But just at the moment the rate is $1.52..


Earlier today I saw the travel-prep-list and nearly hyperventilated. There can hardly be any earthly thing more fun than gathering up Cornwall trip stuff. With Rick Steves' recommendations in my hand I wandered the house, evaluating. At the appropriate moment Mother and I dashed to Macy's for trendy travel items I wanted. But when I went to use ApplePay at the register, the card was declined (do you simply hate that when your card is declined?). It was a real mess because the Visa agent on the phone with me became muddled and kept forgetting what I had called him about. At long last we just decided to give it up and go home where I called another Visa agent who also became muddled and kept forgetting what I had called HER about. It was a sad day for Visa.

It's bed time right now, but I will probably wake up early and tackle that travel-prep-list once again. The list is getting awfully large. The question is this: will the SconeLady or will she not be able to carry the thing? And, will she be able to buy her trendy travel items at Macy's? I am not overly confident about it myself, but really - almost nothing could spoil my mood right now. 

But a broken Visa card might venture awfully close to the edge.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Carbis Bay, Cornwall - October 2014

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