Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cornwall, Day 1 (The Arrival!)

Not very much needs to be said, if you are looking at this. Would words themselves be enough to describe it?

St Ives Harbor, 21 February 2015

Simply walking near such a sight is happy-making, no matter how cold you might feel. And I did feel it! But I shall now become organized and put you in the picture.

The day began with an early wake-up, followed by cereal, tea and toast while listening to BBC Radio as it burbled along in its comforting way. The kitties were eating their own breakfasts and licking their little chops while smirking up at us. Including Trevor. They three were very funny, and eccentric, and entertaining.

Then it was a dash for the railway station, with hasty goodbyes as my kind and lovely hosts waved me away wishing me luck. My chariot bore me off, first in a northerly, and then westerly direction - and then, gradually, south.

The only trouble with rocketing Southwards is coming within absolute inches of trains that were rocketing Northwards. It was very disconcerting. But as there was simply no way for the North bound trains to bump over onto our South bound tracks, it was pointless to worry about it. So  I put it out of my mind, and thought of scones.

These are the delightful scones gifted to me yesterday by Grace Hall, co-authoress of The Little Book of Scones. She brought 4 of them, which she had baked herself and were the fabulous Cherry and Almond variety. And heart-shaped! She also put in fresh jam, clotted cream, and a copy of her book, signed.

I have eaten them, dear Readers. Oh yes, I have eaten them piled high with cream and jam, along with delicious Asaam Tea, and the only score I could possibly ever give them is a TEN! I hope you will order this book and bake the Cherry and Almond recipe soon. If you do, please tell me how it went and how you liked them. I predict success!

Besides these delights, today I:
  • was picked up at the railway station by a nice cab driver who guessed right away where I come from! (Gee, I wonder how he knew?)
  • was dropped off at the beach cottage in an absolute gale of a wind
  • came inside and immediately began playing 'houses', putting items away, straightening items, tossing items willy-nilly in my quest for perfection
  • bundled back up and walked to the shops for sustenance
  • put the sustenance away properly (Mother would be proud)
  • and.. and!.. began the BOOK!
There is no better place for a pilgrimage such as this - this writing - with the crashing of waves just yards from the window; the howls of wind just outside this door. But I won't forget you, my reading friends. No - I shall come back to this space again and again, for you give me hope and encouragement. Just knowing you are 'out there' urges my fingers to fly over these keys, and send you my compliments.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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