Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cornwall, Day 5 (From a Distance)

Today's will be a different kind of message, dear Readers; the unexpectedly sad kind. Early this morning I learned that my pretty, and kind, and consistently wonderful mother-in-law has passed away in her home. So unexpected was this that it is almost impossible for us to believe. She was so happy and vibrant just days ago. But believe it we must, and loved ones are now making their way to the farm to think of and to celebrate this wonderful woman.

Everyone who knew her loved her. She made friends and kept them. Her children and grandchildren were her true joy, and to say that we will all miss her terribly is an immense understatement. But we all will, and we already do.

When her husband was so ill and in Hospice not very long ago, no one could have been more attentive and loving. She sat by his bedside and would not leave it. "Honey, I will see you again when we are both with Jesus," she whispered. And now, they are.

May God bless you both, mom and dad.

With love, from
the SconeLady

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