Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Rumble Seat and the Roadster

It isn't every day you find yourself answering the questions of an earnest film maker, who happens also to be your grandson. The rather stunning son came loaded with camera, microphone, tripod, computer, and other filming paraphernalia - all to interview his grandmother.

She is, you see, a very popular grandmother among the younger set. Everybody wants to know what she thinks and what she does about it and so this grandson got it all on video. It was the sweetest thing.

The questions were fun, and intriguing (the SconeLady learning some new things about her mother), and about topics like the Great Depression and World War 2. Mother was just as interested as was the young film maker, and it was a smashing interview all around.

When the dialogue was completed and the equipment packed away, we remembered suddenly a short film from long days past. It was the film of Mother's wedding, in 1943. I didn't know where it was and couldn't find it, but the Rather Stunning knew. He opened up something called 'Vimeo', and there it was, in living color.

A video of one's wedding from mid-WW2 is not something just everybody got to have. But through a kindly friend, the young bride and groom had the use of a film camera, and the resultant film is now digital. Mother sat and watched it with us, pointing out who each person was. Some of the wedding guests did not know they would be at a wedding at all. They had simply dropped by, and discovered themselves invited. 

Mother was beautiful, and Dad was dashing in his Army uniform, proud of his bride. Everybody was laughing. Happy was the word of the day, with the young couple perched on the rumble seat of a Roadster as rice flew. It was a lovely beginning.

We sit together now, relaxed and slightly sleepy, remembering. My pretty mother thinks of the people and events so recently brought back in digital form. Not all of the people and events played out perfectly, but there is still the overarching Grace that never changed.

It is fun seeing where it all began. Fun to listen as Mother replays it all with the long wisdom of time resting well upon her. 


See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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