Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cornwall, Day 2 (The Rain!)

Remember my photo from yesterday? The serene blue sky, with a pretty array of clouds drifting past? Well! all that blue sky is now hidden, and the clouds have become stormy. The terms 'downpour' and 'gale' fit the situation quite well.

But I am going to show you one more pic of lovely yesterday, before I move on to Storms:

The day began with an ominous sound outside this cozy window. No longer just the sound of the waves comfortingly rolling themselves along. The wind was sounding howly-er by the moment. But I was determined it would NOT stop me from my Plan of getting to the church on time. I wanted to walk the paths along my way, meandering those green hills and enjoy the view - stormy though I knew it might be.

But it took such ages to get ready to go. Layer upon layer. Sock upon sock. Boots jammed on over socks and onto two feet. Cap. Scarf. Thick coat. gloves. But I forgot the most important thing, until I was wall away from the cottage. The rain slicker! There was nothing for it now, but to skedaddle - which I certainly did.

The harbor itself was stunning in its own turbulent way. Although many of the fishermen have moved their boats to calmer waters inland or into storage, there is still a good handful of faithfuls bobbing about in the harbor. And surprisingly, as I made my way through the deluge today there were actual crowds out and about, grazing the shops. Do you find that surprising? I did! 

St Ia Church, pre-service, 22 Feb 2015

As I made my way into the church yard the bells rang and rang, calling the faithful to gather. Two welcomers greeted me, handing out prayer books and worship sheets. The organist played a splendid prelude which swelled throughout the church, and encouraged all who entered. Then the processional began, led first by a white-robed woman holding the incense; then two others in their immaculate white; and then the Cross with all eyes upon it as it made its majestic way around and to the front. Many others followed, choir members all, singing their hearts out. It was the sweetest thing.

There were prayers; hymns; thankful messages; readings; a preaching, wherein the minister announced he would be getting married soon - and spontaneous applause broke out! How terrific is that? Joy, and yet more joy.

And of course, I had to stop in at the Sloop Inn, for lunch. I couldn't believe it when I learned that their soup of the day was BUTTERNUT SQUASH!! The absolute best, and with warm crusty bread and butter, who could have needed anything more? The rest of the day would contain more walks (this time with the rain slicker), writing, fiddling frustratingly with the Internet which is.hardly.working. It remains to be seen whether this post will actually fly. But let us all hope for the best.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

(Breakfast today: coffee, toast, fresh butter, Grace Hall's jam, and Muesli!)

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