Sunday, February 1, 2015

They Had Me With a Song

It was almost a little too easy. 

In the runup to the Super Bowl, I had not even known that it was running up. No one had told me. Or if they had, I wasn't listening. And I was actually interested, mainly because of the commercials and the half time show. The actual game, though?  eh.

Then the rather stunning son appeared for the weekend and said, "So what are we doing on Super Bowl Sunday?" 

What, indeed? Today was the Day, and I had nothing to show for it. No pizza, no chips, no buffalo wings - and, NO TV! But I HAD to see the half time show. Bruno Mars absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark last year and I wanted to see if they could surpass that...though I somehow doubted it.

So the good son came to the rescue and found a way we could each see the spectacle on our laptops. Instant, dreamy live streaming on a small screen - for free! There it all was, in living color. It didn't really matter who was playing because the playing interrupted the commercials and was superfluous.

But then, a commercial began to roll, and I was glued. The song, 'Cat's In The Cradle' could be heard in the background as a baby was born and his mother cried. Say no more. I was all in.

And who wouldn't like this game, a real nail-biter during which a rookie saved the day? It stopped being superfluous when, just before halftime, the score became tied at 14/14, and everyone was shouting. I faded a bit during the half time show, but woke up just as the game's final pass was intercepted, and all you-know-what broke loose. Large men in gigantic pads and cleats got mad at each other and somebody threw the first punch. It was an excellent melee. I always did like a good brawl on national TV, and this was a REALLY good one.

(I know it is hard when the enemy snatches your ball and spoils your plans. But really. A slug fest?)

Then, the question about whether this half time would surpass Bruno Mars in 2014? Well, we have a definitive answer now. No.

Even the dancing sharks didn't help very much (Snoop Dogg claimed to be one of the sharks, but this hasn't been corroborated yet). The highpoint was when they hoisted Miss Perry high up on an inverted pedestal and scared everybody to death. All I could think of was, please oh please bring Bruno back.

But, we came away from the game quite satisfied. It had been a good one, a Real Game complete with fumbles, interceptions, and NFL players hauling off at one another. But as the dust settled, we all agreed on one thing:

We were sad and sorry that Seattle lost, but I'm telling you - the Patriots' Rookie Malcolm Butler is somebody to watch. Today was certainly his day.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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