Thursday, February 19, 2015

London, Day 1

Here I sit at the outskirts of London, in the guest room of kind friends. A hot water bottle has already been tucked into my bed, and just across the hallway are friends Rosie and Ted. Next to my chair there hangs a mirror, the reflection of which shows my somewhat sleepy but smiling face... for I can hardly believe I'm here.

The journey across the Atlantic was eventful, with only minimal turbulence and no major events. At the end of Customs, baggage claim, the Underground and a train, I found my host waiting beneath an enormous umbrella. Shouting out, "This way! Let's get you out of this rain. Welcome!"

Ah, to be so welcomed.

The day has consisted of lovely conversations over warm tea mugs; catching up on all things Rosie; being ushered to the most comfy bed ever for a short and much needed nap.  And the evening? the evening! It was nothing short of a celebration all its own.

You see, we had a bit of a wine tasting. Our darling hosts will soon celebrate 40 years married, and they want to get it right. So we 5 sat round the dining table, sipping and writing our wine-ish opinions upon a list. The chosen few will be served at their celebration. 

Between the sips we were served the following items, one at a time:

  • mixed nuts
  • freshly hand-shelled shrimp with lime/mayonaise
  • individual pavlovas with fresh fluffy cream!
  • sliced baked squash
  • venison casserole (unbelievably yummy!)
  • freshly made bread x 2 (soda bread and a round white loaf)
  • homemade pie with heavy cream poured over (I forget but think it was a berry mix)
  • we were offered a cheese board but everybody groaned out immediately and said that they 'couldn't eat another bite'.

By the time we had consumed all of this, and discussed the major concerns of the world, it was 11:00! And now, it really really is time for the hot water bottle, and the bed.

Tomorrow will hold all sorts of fun. I get to meet one of the authors of The Little Book of Scones! And I shall tell you all about it, as soon as I can.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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