Friday, February 13, 2015

Teacher's Pet

The girls are for the girls, or so I've heard. In this case, it certainly seems to be true.

The girls I am thinking of are one small human, and one sampling of the canine variety, both of whom are awfully kind to one another. It could be because they are both girls, but I really do think it might be because they are both so perfectly sweet. And they speak, in some strange way, the same language.

During a recent visit we had a chance to witness this. 

"Grampa, Athena can't play with you yet, she has to go out because she just woke up and has to go potty." This was stipulated very clearly so that Grampa would have no doubts.

"Oh, well that's just fine," he said agreeably, instantly helping the puppy trot out the door.

During the play time that followed, the 4-almost-5 five year old gave Athena a series of directives. 'Teaching' moments, I think they are called. And by jove that little girl had them all down, all vocal inflections sounding just like her mother. Athena understood these directives, following along like a little trouper. It was the sweetest thing.

"Athena? sit." she would chirp.

Athena sat.

"Athena? Hurry up!" (this being the comment that means go potty).

And Athena 'hurried'.

"Oh no, Athena, that is NOT ALLOWED! Put that down. Down! No jump. Oh good girl." There is always something that Athena needs to 'put down'. Always.

For the jaws of this young and growing pup are well developed ones, believe me. The SconeLady is absolutely not able to open the jaws of Athena, no, not even one little inch. But the lovely daughter can open them. She is a past master at prying open small doggie jaws that contain 2 socks - 2 socks that will surely go down that gullet and have to be rescued out of it. This would be disastrous. Thus, the lovely daughter's vigilance (given the cost of surgeries these days).

It's uncanny the way that puppy listens to her little mistress. They are similar in size and fine bone structure, and are both fond of running endless circles. The dog certainly landed on her feet when she 'picked' this family to join. Wild and happy laughter rings throughout the day, inside and out. It couldn't get much better than this, surely.

It's funny to see and hear the balance between 'firm' and 'kind' in this young puppy trainer's voice. And that is where I think her success lies. She has perfected just the right amount of hard and soft, in her voice. Perhaps one day she will become a teacher. If so, everyone would want to be that Teacher's Pet!

But if you really must know, she already is one. After all, it runs in the family.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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