Friday, February 20, 2015

London, Day 2

His Royal Highness, Trevor, glares at the SconeLady

Did I mention it was cold?

This poor southern Californian forgot the feeling! But I came well prepared with lots of layers, heavy coat, boots. Umbrella! All of which have kept me warm and happy and enjoying long walks along the way. And London was just as robust as ever, everybody hurrying themselves along and looking very serious indeed. Perhaps they were all late for a meeting, or something..

This glad day began with the realization that I had slept 8 hours non-stop, which as you know is hugely important. We had breakfast (cereal and tea and toast, for my inquisitive sister, ha!) while listening to the Desert Island Discs radio program - which I and my hosts completely adore.

We then made our way to the London Bridge with a vague idea in mind of a nice lunch somewhere, at some point. But we were suddenly stunned and waylaid by a most magnificent cathedral, just - sitting there looking beautiful! You may have heard me going on about one day seeing all of England's cathedrals - well, now I have another on my well done list. You may find out all about it here. Southwark is the oldest cathedral church building in England, so I have now visited both the newest (Truro Cathedral) and the oldest. Divine!

Of course, like many American tourists I immediately whipped out my phone for a quick snap of a pic. Momentarily a dear man in a flowing black robe approached.

"I'm afraid you will need to pay a fee if you are going to take photographs, Madam.. you must have a badge.." he said apologetically.

So of course, I dashed over to pay immediately and all was instantly well (it was worth every penny).

Lunch was delicious and plentiful (prawn salad, and squid - for my inquisitive sister!), at a place called (simply) Fish! While eating, we could see through the windows of a bread baking course across the cobbles, and so we watched as the would-be bakers kneaded away vigorously side by side. It was very sweet.

We then went our separate ways, and I strode along White Hall (coming upon the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Number 10 Downing Street!) to meet up with the lovely and delightful Grace Hall, co-author of The Little Book of Scones. We sat down for conversation and a 'cream tea', both of which were splendid. And she surprised me with four of her very own home baked Cherry and Almond scones! 

In a word? Bliss.

Hearing the story of someone whom you have only just met, who is beautiful and courageous, and who shares her scones with you, is the happiest of all possible outcomes. I hope to hear more about Grace and her work, perhaps even another book. Do order The Little Book of Scones on - you will love it!

And now it is late, and my day is complete, with only the 'goodnight's yet to come. Goodnights, followed by sweet dreams of the day to come, and .... Cornwall.

I can hardly believe I'm here!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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