Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cornwall, Day 6: Best.Scones.Ever

We set off in search of a worthy scone, this afternoon. I had been eyeing a sweet little tea room called Poppins, and indeed had had a pot of tea there. We ventured forth at just about the right and proper time for a cream tea - 3:15pm - but alas! Poppins had closed its doors. The SconeLady was disappointed and at a bit of a loose end.

She wandered dejectedly away from the closed doors, but then came across the little lane called The Digey. The lane suddenly reminded me of the delicious scones of The Digey Food Rooms. The producers of such a superior product would surely be open, and would surely have a scone ready and waiting! Who says the SconeLady cannot visit the same tea room twice?! 

So I did - and they did!

We entered, and as the waitress took our order my husband introduced me to her as "the SconeLady, who is in Cornwall searching for the best scone in England". 

I would not have had the courage to make such an introduction myself. But I am so glad he did!

For the waitress was interested! She asked questions. She told us just exactly WHO creates their scones. And she said he was present, in the shop, just over there. I gazed toward the back of the kitchen area and there.he.was. I felt speechless, my dear Readers, truly I did. 

We took a table outside, and the lady presently brought the tea and the scone. I gathered up my courage and asked, "Do you think he would let me take his photo?" And "Do you think he would give me his scone recipe??"

She smiled, went back inside and asked. Soon we learned that BOTH of these questions were answered by him in the affirmative! 

Josh - baker of Best Scones Ever

The scone-baker's name was Josh. He was so helpful, and took the time to answer my questions. I really wanted to take his photo outside beneath the shop's sign, next to me holding the scone and the jam and the cream. But without the courage to ask this, I took the photo just behind the counter. Still great! And I learned a lot. He told me how he mixes them and bakes them, and wrote the ingredients on a bit of receipt paper for me (which I have tucked away for safe keeping).

It was an altogether delightful encounter. Our baker agreed that there may be other, simply tasteless concoctions out there. But these did not seem to bother him. He cares more about making his own the best they can be. 

It's what bakers everywhere should do, don't you think? Otherwise why go to all the time and trouble to mix, and roll, and cut, and bake, and serve scones? Why??

(I ask you).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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