Monday, October 6, 2014

Cornwall, Day 11: Cliffs of Magnificence

We walked up and up, marveling at the sea as it spread below us. Every few minutes we would turn to gaze at where we had been, and the adjectives failed us. Beautiful, we kept saying. But after a while that just doesn't express.

The day had begun with the most delicious breakfast. Our friends had brought goodies from a farm store, perhaps the greatest farm store in memory. So Rosie and I companionably figured out the kitchen appliances, producing bacon, sausage, eggs, and sour dough bread toasted to perfection. And coffee. And tea. And conversation!

It was the conversation that kept us seated, fascinated, long into the morning. In fact by the time we were ready to begin our hike, it was closer to lunchtime than to breakfast. But off we went, following our unmistakeable guide and beginning our ascent.

It was meant to be an 8 mile walk along the spectacular cliffs of Cornwall's coast. And I really do think it could have been only 8...but it also might have been a bit longer. For we discovered an extra field or two along the way. But I don't think it mattered, because - just look, my dear Readers, at the light of Cornwall! Who can ever stay away? No wonder it is famous and beckons to artists from all parts of the world. They come to paint the color of the light and the sea. 

But some of my Readers might be relieved to hear that one field we did NOT enter was this one:

             Bulls along the way

The field of cattle were, I think, just as surprised to see us as we were to see them. But not bothered. No one even moved as we crept past, apart from perhaps a rolling eye or two as they munched their sweet grasses. 

I really don't think Cornwall has ever looked more majestic. You see? Adjectives simply fail to express, sometimes. Weather forecasts had been simply dire, and we squeezed past them all. Not one drop fell upon our heads! Oh - but from where I sit now, in the early next morning's dawn, a sheet of water is falling past my window. Alas! Rain. Yesterday's timing was sheer brilliance.

So today, perhaps a movie? A cozy pub?... Ahhh - I think I've got it. 

The Digey Food Rooms!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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