Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 9: Coincidentally..

From where I sit there is a cobbled street through filmy white curtains, the occasional person drifting by. There is a sun, and it is shining! Although it was meant to rain, it did not - and so we have ourselves the makings of another beauty of a day.

For friend Rosie and Ted are coming!

Yes, we meet again in this most-favored spot, ready for walking tours and picnics, boat rides and Land's End, and - if we are lucky and it is open - Barbara Hepworth. I shall probably make my way to the Cooperative each morning for freshly baked croissants. Again. It's the simple things.

An early morning walk meant that I could stroll along Fore Street quite uninterrupted. It was a Sunday, and I was the only one there. This is what I saw:

It all fits in with a renewed acquaintance with slowing down, not moving too fast, making the morning last, kicking down those cobblestones,

Looking for fun and feeling .. Groovy.

Yes. It was a lovely (and groovy!) Sunday, first to last - with some expected blessings, and quite a few unexpected. 
  • we again attended the local parish church, were welcomed and given communion, and the sign of peace
  • at the local parish Church we sang a hymn penned by a relative!
  • friend Rosie and Ted came along the cobbles to our fisherman's cottage!
  • I suddenly heard that a dearly loved nephew was on his way to Cornwall! 
  • the nephew came along the cobbles to our fisherman's cottage!
  • the dinner, the visiting, and the evening were sweet, and ended too soon

As we stood saying our goodbyes to him along the harbor road, I thought how nothing really is a coincidence. This world seems an awfully big place, until you find yourself standing with your nephew and your friends on a cobbled street in Cornwall; until you remember that these same two friends had hosted this nephew at their home in Norfolk when he was in college; until you realize that this nephew went the distance to see you just at the perfect moment for such a visit, on an obscure harbor road, on a windy afternoon.

Not a coincidence, but a lovely, careful Plan. And I can hardly wait to see the rest.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady


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