Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cornwall, Day 23: Roller Bag on Cobblestone

Our last day in St Ives, Cornwall. Sad! In fact, we have 25 minutes left. The SconeLady is leaving and is sorry; she is also happily thinking of the loved ones who await. 

The bitter with the sweet.

But the sweet is what I am thinking about, now. They are sleeping peacefully as we pack our bags and prepare to walk up the road for the train. Ours will be the roller bags on cobblestone, this time.

 And what will I think of when I think of St Ives?

  • the never changing, ever changing harbor
  • the friendly Cornish*
  • the startling blue of sky and sea
  • the fact that cars, rather than pedestrians, seem to have the right-of-way
  • Cornish pasties
  • chocolate sorbet
  • cliffs
  • taking trains to places you like
  • taking buses to other places you like
  • Rosie and Ted
  • cream teas!

          *Artist Malcomb Bowmer                      
During the entire three weeks of our stay, we  have never heard a harsh word. Everyone was happy and endlessly kind. A favorite word here is 'Cheers!' - used by just about everybody for just about everything. We have taken it up ourselves. It's another way of saying 'thank you', or 'have a good day', or 'to your health'. Endlessly kind.

If you read too many news articles, you can get the view that everywhere there is chaos; guns; screaming; illness; despair. But we mustn't give the chaos more than its due, dear Readers. It is there, but it does not predominate.

Therefore, this 23rd day of Cornwall is a farewell with a promise: it may take her a year, but the SconeLady will be back in Cornwall, looking again for that perfect scone. She and Rosie are already scoping out the ideal cottage, finding the ideal dates, and - this just in! - even dreaming up a visit to Port Isaac, home of Doc Martin! We heard you can get there for only 11 pounds ROUND TRIP. 

(I wonder if I dare stretch this one into four weeks...?)

See you along the way!
the SconeLady
*St Ives tour guide Tony Ferrell      

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