Friday, October 3, 2014

Cornwall, Day 7: St Ives Surf Rather Stunning

I came walking around the bend and was suddenly looking at the best and most favored surf beach in St Ives. It was clearly the best and most favored because there were surfers packed into the waves, their numbers growing as I watched. They were literally running toward the sand, grasping their boards and gauging which spot would get them their best ride. The competition was universal.

I was meant to be walking 5, but momentary couldn't. For I knew the rather stunning California-surfing-son (and other family surfers) would love this scenario. And because he would love it, I loved it for him. I had seen him stand atop waves like these, and wanted him to be here.

But these surfers weren't just men/boys/guys! There were women/girls out there riding waves, competing along with the best of them. The same gleam in the eye as they lock the car and begin their dash to the surf. No makeup (don't need any), hair straight and generally streaked by the sun, they put work behind them and then go for it. It's like the old Nike ad - Just Do It. 

They do.

We've been here a week, getting to know our new holiday town. Yesterday we heard that it had a cinema, likely a small town sweet type of cinema, just the way we like them. We decided to see the new Liam Neeson film. I figured out in advance what it would probably be like. It would probably feature Liam Neeson stressed (there is no one who does stress better than Liam Neeson), and he would (probably) be holding a gun. Some woman would (probably) be mad at him and resistant to him, due to some kind of rift.

I was right about the stress and the gun. But not about the woman. Not this time.

There was a plot line involving bad people who weren't just your ordinary, run of the mill bad. They were hideous. Liam Neeson was a cop-turned-private eye who, with his gun and his stress, was the only person capable of stopping them. You figured that those bad guys were not going to end well.

(spoiler): They didn't.

There is just something about a Liam Neeson film that makes people want to go to it, and shell out ridiculous amounts of money, and buy popcorn. At least it seems so in the U.S. But when we arrived last night, there were I think 3 other spectators in the audience, two of whom spent much of the movie kicking our row of seats and shouting like motor-mouths. But this wasn't very much of a problem because the film itself was so loud that it drowned out most of their nonsense. 

Apart from the fact that I had to hide my eyes at the end (this was a pretty creepy movie), I liked it ok. After all, it was Liam Neeson. Stressed. And no one does stress better than he does.

But I could have done without the kicking and shouting and nonsense. Someone did tell them to stop, but I figured they wouldn't.

(spoiler): They didn't.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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