Friday, October 24, 2014

Cornwall: Coinage Hall

These are the great lengths we will go to in order to find the perfect scone. We will go to Coinage Hall, Truro, Cornwall

It was a day of clouds, no rain. And so we felt safe to climb aboard the First Great Western Railway east (and slightly north), toward Truro. One first passes through a number of sweet towns and villages: Carbis Bay (fabulous beaches!), Lelant (Rosamund Pilcher was born there!), St Erth (the cutest little train station EVER),

Camborne, and Redruth. Redruth was remarkable in its plethora of old tin mines, clearly visible as we sped by. Tin was once a major economic staple for Cornwall, until it became known that tin was cheaper when imported from South America. Tin mines in Cornwall began to close, and its miners went wherever else there was tin.

Passing by Redruth, we soon came upon Truro and toured the Cathedral. After being dazzled by it and by the kindly tour guide, we walked through the town until we found Coinage Hall, which houses Charlotte's Tea House:

You will note that Charlotte's is not only a Tea House, but also an antique shop. It's not your ordinary antique shop, either. Upon the two floors we were able to see, there were several rooms arranged as a comfy Georgian home, filled with antiques. Books lined the shelves, and quaint antique pieces were artfully arranged on the shelves, tables, walls and floors. It was enchanting. Made you want to curl up and read by one of the antique fireplaces.

The town itself is proud of Charlotte's, and we thought it as sweet as it could be. Although the scone was cold (which shocked and amazed the SconeLady), Charlotte's won every contest for ambiance. It is well and good to note that while The Digey Food Room (not in of itself a tea shop) bears the best of the scones, Charlotte's is the best of the tea rooms. If the scones of the Digey could but make their way along the rail to Charlotte's, we would have a Cornwellian dream come true.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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