Thursday, April 23, 2015

You'll Love Spinacio's

We knew about it, but hadn't the time to visit. You see, daughter-of-Rosie was there for 4 days, and made such terrific meals that we didn't really need to go anywhere to eat. Well, when it came to breakfast, we did trot up to the Norway Store for our warm croissants and chocolate twists. And then, at lunch time we quite liked grabbing a pasty. Or sometimes just a tomato-cheese baguette (doesn't that sound scrumptious? The SconeLady's mouth has just watered).

But there was one spot in St Ives that we might have liked checking out. It is an upstairs vegetarian restaurant right along the harbor front called Spinacio's. Now, ask me if I have EVER walked into a vegetarian restaurant. (Have you?). No... But this one sounded intriguing and I thought I just might.

Daughter-of-Rosie does tend to eat along those lines, and our meals during her visit were smashing and I loved them (grilled Hake and fresh roasted vegetables!). So after her visit, it seemed only right to give Spinacio's a go.

You have to go up some steep steps (granite, I think), and then look for a green door with a very friendly OPEN sign:

When you walk in, you come face to face with a very nice man in a kitchen area, whom I assumed was the Chef. He looked at me inquiringly, and asked if he could help. Eventually he was able to get me guided into the correct room, where I found several tables next to the wide windows. 

"May I please sit near one of the windows?" I asked the waitress.

"You may, but only if you think you will be finished by 7:30. I have another group coming then."

 So of course I would be done by 7:30, it was only me, and I was only having the soup. So the soup was ordered, and it was going to be Carrot and Coriander. A favorite! With fresh homemade bread, and Cornish butter. Any item with Cornish butter, and you have me. Here was my view:

View from Spinacio's Restaurant, St Ives Harbor

Right now you can't see the sea water because it is far away with the low tides. But before the soup was in front of me, the tide was beginning to creep back. And before I was finished with the meal itself, it was all the way back. When it gets moving, it is fast. Sweet.

There was actually no other patron there, so the waitress was very helpful and hovering. I assumed the clientele of this restaurant prefers to visit after dark. But it was perfect for me, being quietly left alone to think my thoughts and dream my dreams. Soon, the soup appeared:

If you have never had Carrot-Coriander soup, well, then you simply must! It was lovely. As was the bread. And the Cornish butter of course. But at the end of it, I was feeling just a bit peckish, still. 

"Have you any lovely and decadent chocolate desserts, perhaps?" I asked the friendly waitress.

"Oh yes of course! I would recommend the flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream."

The perfect choice! And here it is:

It was good, dear Readers, it really was. But it wasn't very chocolaty. It looked chocolaty. But maybe they left some useful ingredient out of it on account of it being a vegetarian restaurant and all. Anyway, I liked it well enough and the ice cream was dreamy.

So Spinacio's Vegetarian Restaurant was very nice and worth the visit. My only regret with it is that I did not take daughter-of-Rosie to it. But the story isn't over yet. Future visits still loom! And we shall try, we shall truly try. And maybe I will order the Chocolate Polenta Cake and Hot Choccy Sauce, next time. It sounds like it will be absolutely plenty 'choccy'.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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