Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cornwall, Day 36 (Things That You See)

I could tell right away that this was a surfing holiday. There were two young boys, two girls just slightly older, their parents, and a couple of grandparents - all in wetsuits! No generation gaps here. 

They were all bleached blond and resembled the Beach Boys. Having just come up from the surf, the kids were chattering away about the waves they had caught and the ones that had gotten away. They all seemed to be putting their surf boards into surfboard bags (um. Do California surfboards have bags? Just sayin').

"Dad! Did you SEE that last wave?! Did you see it carry me ALL THE WAY IN?" said the youngest boy while grasping at his father's forearm. "When can we come back? It hope it's tomorrow. Can we get ice creams? I'm starving.."

I wanted to take a photograph of them in the worst way but once again, the SconeLady used amazing restraint. 

"Starving? Oh - well, to begin with," said the father, "I did see that last wave, and you were terrific. And we can come back tomorrow because we're staying here all weekend, remember? - and I think we could all use an ice cream. What do you say, Mother?"

The tall blond lady grinned and shouted, "Chocolate!" and began rinsing her feet as I reluctantly continued walking. The chattering and the enthusiasm faded away behind me. 

They had certainly picked the perfect beach for their holiday. Just think - three generations of surfers. Wow. 

I was thinking about this, and about whether the SconeLady would ever venture into a wetsuit again when I saw a dog crouching on the grass. He was utterly focused on something dead ahead, and moved not one tiny muscle. I heard his master saying, "Hold, dog." The dog did, of course, hold. "Forward, dog," said the master, and the dog crept forward 2 yards. Then again, "Hold."

This continued on, until at last the master said, "Go, dog."

That dog went. Lickety split he reached the spot he'd been longing to reach, and grabbed up the ball he adored. I stopped, and watched. This time I did take a photograph (clandestinely) because I so wanted to share it with you. 

It was fascinating. Master throws ball. Dog waits for master to release him for 2 yards. Master controls situation. Dog obeys. Master sees dog has self control and allows dog to have what he wants. I thought it was brilliant!

I'm telling you. The things you see along your way might seem small, or insignificant. But they're not. They're lovely. And now that I am finished here I think I'll stand in solidarity with that other grandma, and..

"Chocolate!" grinned the SconeLady, grabbing up her keys.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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