Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The SconeLady is experiencing a glitch that is not allowing her to export photos to this space, therefore not getting them to you, her dear Readers. This is irksome to her and she is irked. While she tries hard to fix the quirk, perhaps you can gaze upon her favorite spot in St Ives, out of all of the spots she has found there. 

If you look to the left of the clump of buildings you will find the favored little white one, right on the sand, with a half-fence in front of it. It was there that she and her husband found 3 people at their tea table, with scones and jam and cream. They let her peek into their cottage, in order to decide if it would be a place worthy to stay in.

It was established that it was far too small for 4, but perhaps 2? or even just 1. It has 3 stories, one room on top of the other, and a minuscule kitchen area that looks right out onto the sea.

It is probably doubtful that the SconeLady will find herself staying there (3 stories is just not her bag) but in the meantime, she is content just to look at it. It really is the dearest of all spots in St Ives. I can't keep from looking at it.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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