Friday, April 17, 2015

Cornwall, Day 44 (Last Full Day)

It was the last full day, and I was determined to make the most of it. I would tramp around the hills and cliffs and look at all of my favorite haunts. I would take more pictures than I would ever need in a million years. I would get something for the kiddies and write my last post cards.

And most delightful of all, I would go to The Digey Tea Room and have a Cream Tea. That was what I would do. And I did get to tramp around the hills/cliffs; I did take more pictures than I would ever need; I did get something for the kiddies and write their post cards. But - (can you stand it?) - I DID NOT GET A DIGEY FOOD ROOM SCONE. Arghhhhhh!

And the reason I did not get a Digey Food Room scone is provided for you on the sign below:

It is a good reason. It is in fact the FINEST reason for me to miss out on my final Digey scone with jam and cream on my Last Full Day in St Ives for a year and a half. But I still mourned because there was no other scone to turn to. 

But I went on, and finished the walking and the scouring, and said my goodbyes to a few locals I have come to recognize. The Italian couple in the cafe who so often served and welcomed me; the kindly artist who comes to his studio every day in case someone wants his work (which is superb); the ladies at Saint Ives Holidays who have helped in so very many ways. The Cornish pasty baker who will bake me one to take on the train next day. And especially, the sea and the sky which are immeasurably lovely, and which will call me back to Cornwall again and again, until I can no longer answer the call. 

And of course, my dear Readers, I will always hope to see you along the way!
the SconeLady

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