Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cornwall, Day 32 (I've Looked at Scones from Both Sides Now)

There have been some complications. We want very much to make our scones, and had chosen out the Lemon Scone recipe from The Little Book of Scones. But now, it seems The Little Book of Scones is missing! It has (we think) been left in the former cottage, and we haven't been given permission yet to go and fetch it. New tenants are ensconced!

But we are not daunted just yet. The SconeLady has found Grace Hall's plain scone recipe right here on SconeTherapy, and we can use it even if it isn't the Lemon Scones we had wished for. We have already found our ingredients: Bird's Custard Powder, castor sugar, self-rising flour, butter, eggs, and - oops, did we neglect the buttermilk? Maybe. But not to worry. There is a remedy for even that.

And how we will fit all of this yumminess in alongside tonight's grilled fish dinner, beats me. But we will give it a fair shot! 

Crowds along the Wharf

But during our shopping, dear Readers, there was provided for us some Drama. We were gazing with interest at the fresh fish when all of a sudden, there was a yelp! of panic from behind. A lady's foot was being run over! Remember how amazingly crowded I have said the streets are this week? We watched as the following events happened in quick succession:

  • the driver was unaware he was on her foot
  • there was more yelling
  • there was more unhappiness 
  • the driver finally backed up and the foot was extracted
  • the driver refused his insurance information and was yelled at again
  • a photograph of his license plate was snapped
  • the lady limped away, upheld by her sympathetic husband
It was all kind of shocking. But they have the photograph, and so I suppose it will be settled at another time, and in another place. But I'm pretty sure it ruined the day for the  the lady, her husband, the driver, and his wife

So if you are planning a trip to St Ives, I can assure you that it will be stunning, and ever so quaint. But out on those cobbled lanes, you must be sure and WATCH YOUR FEET. 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady


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