Friday, April 3, 2015

Cornwall, Day 31 (A Courgette By Any Other Name)

We have moved cottages, and are in the most darling spot. So to celebrate, my guest has made us a delicious and healthy dinner that has completely hit the spot! Grilled Hake (for the Americans out there, this is something similar to Cod or Haddock, I have just learned), oven roasted vegetables (carrots, courgettes, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, drizzled with olive oil), and baked sweet potatoes. We ate the whole thing.

And now for the next obvious question: what is a courgette? For the Americans out there, it is a zucchini! Isn't that funny? And I forget every year when I come back, what a 'courgette' is, then must again be reminded. What is important here is that roasting a courgette is simply divine.

The new cottage is only a few yards from the water, and we have had enormous amounts of fun watching the tourists walk by along the sea wall. When the tide is up the tourists become splashed over and over until they are soaking wet. That is, if they stay there. Most children do stay there, as if they are at Sea World sitting in the 'SOAK' section where everyone comes away drenched. It is hilarious to watch, and we feel that this is better even than the television. 

Maybe the funniest part is when the tourists are not yet aware that they are about to be drenched. We watch as they walk along, enjoying the sea air and chatting to one another - when suddenly a huge splashing wave rises up, hits the sea wall, and...wham! The poor things never know what hit them.

But now the sun has gone down and so our entertainment has disappeared, back to their cottages to dry out everybody's clothes. But they will return tomorrow, guaranteed, and we can hardly wait. The two hard working writers safely behind the windows are thankful for the diversion.

Tomorrow we have set ourselves a goal. We will make scones! The recipe from Grace Hall's 'Little Book of Scones' will be used, and so tomorrow we scour the shops for all the goodies we will need. I began today by finding a jar of homemade red Gooseberry Jam, which should serve us well. We will follow that up with the best clotted cream, and oh - we will need Bird's Custard Powder and self-rising flour. I can almost smell our Cream Tea already. Another reward for work well done.

So here's to new cottages, grilled Hake, yummy veggies, and Grace Hall's scones! 

Life is full..(and so am I).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Sunday is coming

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