Monday, April 13, 2015

Cornwall, Day 40 (Scone-ish Delights!)

Today it was not to be American style pancakes, nor would it be an egg, poached or otherwise. Today there would be a new tea room with new and delicious scones! It had been far too long since the SconeLady ventured forth, and I was admittedly peckish.

The odd thing about this was that I did not realize I needed a scone until the new tea room popped up to remind me. Do you remember Poppins Tea Room? The tea room the SconeLady kept finding closed? And which did, finally, close? That was a day of sadness because we need more not less scones in this world.

But today I happened to stroll past the little courtyard where Poppins once stood. Shockingly, there was a little sign propped up at the courtyard entrance, announcing the opening of a 'new tea room'! Surely not the - could it be Poppins? But no, it was no longer to be called that, it was being called (quite rightly) The Courtyard Tea Room. So how could a Scone Lover not stop! In I went.

It was very sweet, with little round tables and tablecloths (well, paper table cloths) in the cobbled courtyard as well as inside. The glass doors were open to the fresh air, and the sunshine made everything seem warm, even if it wasn't. actually. warm.

But the scones were! And that is what counts, is it not? With creamy cream, and jammy jam, the scones and the tea were both scrumptious. The cups and tea pots were still super cute and in a variety of shapes and colors - so this may mean they were procured from Poppins before Poppins fled. Whatever. I liked them. In this case, variety IS the spice.

Oh - and by the way, the lady you see sitting in the picture up there at the top of the page? Well, she is not real. She sits there all day long simply to help make the 'real' people more comfortable. And curious. I have seen small children staring at her as if trying to figure out why she is so STILL. and QUIET. and - 'why does she wear such tall BOOTS, mummy?' Every day she can be found sitting in a different spot, so if you come to St Ives, just pop round to the Courtyard Tea Room and find out where she is sitting NOW.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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