Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cornwall, Day 43 (Perfect Day)

Porthmeor Beach, St Ives

There was such excitement throughout St Ives today! Since it was the SconeLady's last day in town, and since it might be a year or more before she returns, I considered it a jolly great sendoff.

On my first walk of the morning, there was a distinct buzz going on outside The Sloop, our favorite local pub. There were very tall lights and strobes and microphones sticking up all over, and I soon figured out that they were making a movie. And it wasn't just any movie, my dear Readers. It was a ROSAMUNDE PILCHER MOVIE! In German!

There were two German-speaking stars in the center, very beautiful people. Young, flawless complexions, thin, smartly dressed. All attention was clearly on them - managers, handlers, hair and makeup girls, prop personnel, the Director (wearing a posh black scarf), a few producers, sound engineers, grips, an assistant director, and gobs of 'extras'. "Steve! Steve can you get over here ASAP? This car won't start!" yelled the Director. Steve did. "BTW, Steve, can you help with that boom and pull it over here? OMG, hurry up!" I don't know who 'Steve' was, but I don't think I would have wanted to be him.

The handlers shooshed children and tourists and locals away from the set, then the Director shouted "Action!", which caused the two beautiful youth to do their beautiful thing right there on cue (they did it beautifully).

This was all very exciting. Tourists and locals kept getting in the way, and the Director kept needing "Steve!!", and the hair and makeup girls kept fluttering around the girl before each 'take'. By the end of it the female lead had so much makeup on that she was barely recognizable. 

I came across all of this activity two more times in two different locations today. It was the same buzz, same "Action!", same hapless onlookers. "Steve!" was still dashing and fixing and obeying. 

Really, it didn't matter that no one understood any of the dialogue. And it didn't matter that we were continually being 'shooshed' here and there. We were on a Rosamunde Pilcher German language movie set in St Ives Cornwall! It can't possibly get any better than that. (LOL).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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