Saturday, April 25, 2015

And It Also Rained

It was a veritable whirlwind, and I am still breathless. Children and adults, friends and family - nonstop. 

For the rather stunning son appeared, and (are you ready for this? I am) he was not alone. A rare beauty came through the door with him, and I saw at once the reason for his rather stunning smile. Yay!

It was a family kind of day, complete with long walks, swimming, and the feeding of recalcitrant ducks (did any living duck actually eat bread today? Some small persons certainly did). These three small persons acted as a posse to the two wonderful young people pictured here. Wherever they two went, those three followed. They were like young gnats buzzing around the light. Popularity isn't half the word.

Perhaps the pinnacle of the day turned out to be the dinner. Unbelievable! After gathering a plethora of tasty ingredients, the lovely daughter and her brother concocted pizzas of the highest quality. It was shocking the amount of work that went into these gems! And the exciting bit was that they were cooked by the SconeLady's husband IN THE BARBECUE! Not the oven. I kept an oven heated and ready just in case the whole thing fell through. "Ah, do you think you will be needing the oven? It's hot. It's ready. No problem.."

But no one took a bit of notice, because the barbecue was just fine, thank you very much. I think we ate pineapple and ham, Chicken Alfredo and sausage, pepperoni and salami, and something else I can't recall. 

Oh - cheese. With children you always need cheese.

There were four pizzas, and when it was all over no one could possibly eat another bite. Complete and utter satisfaction. Have you ever cooked a pizza in a barbecue? What about in a Big Green Egg barbecue? It was our first 'go', and I thought it smashing. You must heat it high and then let it work its magic for about 7 minutes. Splendid!

They have all gone home now, including a great aunt and uncle, as well as friends and 'parents' of PUN, a distinctive doggie you have met before in this space. Someone asked why they hadn't bought along PUN. The women in the group looked shocked at such a question. One might love PUN, and perhaps appreciate his many fine qualities. 

But - bringing him along? I highly doubt it. Only a man would ask.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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