Friday, April 10, 2015

Cornwall, Day 37 (When You've Got To Do Things Right)

View from sweet cottage

It had been far too long, and the SconeLady needed a Super Walmart. Well, not actually a Super Walmart itself, but something that is always in a Super Walmart. In short, a Pedicure. In fact, a good Pedicure. Because toenails are something you don't mess with. You have to get them right.

So I walked, and looked, and enquired of people in-the-know, and came up with the Olina Joy Styling Studio on Tregenna Hill. Almost everything you're looking for here is on a hill of some kind, and this was no exception. So up the hill I went to Olina Joy's, and was given the loveliest hour-long treatment - not to mention the most interesting conversation.

My pedicurist lives locally and loves it. I won't say I was exactly envious, but I did say, "Oh lucky you!" a few times. She was perhaps the happiest St Ives resident I've met, and by the time I left, we were both laughing. And she reminded me about something important that I had already heard, and had forgotten. 

The thing I had forgotten is that here in England you can order your groceries online! Brilliant. I even mentioned it months ago in this space, and then promptly forgot that I knew it, and have spent weeks here neglecting to do it. Good grief.

So she told me that ordering from Tesco online is super easy and worth trying - even if I do only have one week left. And the cost of delivery is very small. In order to check out their foods a bit, I decided to walk up to Tesco (a major hill). And it looks terrific! (lovely soups, dear Readers - and in the SconeLady's books you can hardly do better). So I'll try ordering online, and of course tell you all about it.

Have you ever ordered your groceries online? Apparently it is happening more and more, not just in this country but back home as well. I would love to hear your experiences. 

But, what about the Pedicure itself? 

  • Did the SconeLady's toenails come out alright? 
  • Did she choose red, or pink, or orange? 
  • And would I recommend Olina Joy's to you? 
Well yes, they DID come out alright, and I chose PINK, and Yes! I would definitely recommend them to you. Because toenails are something you don't mess with. You have to get them right.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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