Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Airport

My family are all safely asleep in their beds, and I am sitting (with a coffee) at an airport. Very soon we will all be in the same place, rejoicing.

And if you would like some nice advice about travel in England, about flying with Virgin Atlantic, about staying at the Shaftesbury Premier Paddington Hotel the night before, well you have come to the right place! And all of those things are an automatic 'yes'. Go For It!

And as for the SconeLady's very last morning in St Ives? it was spent:

  • packing away bits and pieces
  • tossing food I could not eat in time
  • walking up to the Norway Store for the best warm chocolate twist in history
  • picking up my very own hot Cornish pasty (St Ives Bakery) for the train
  • giving my keys to the ladies at St Ives Holidays, and hearing them say, "We're so sorry to see you go!"
  • climbing aboard the train, and heading north
The weather was cloudy, which seemed fitting. It would have been hard to see it gleaming as I left. 

There were 5 1/2 hours to London, during which hours I pounded away at the laptop, continuing the work I had come to do. It is very exciting. And, very sweet. Also, very - mysterious! And I can't wait to share it.

And the best part of this travel day was seeing friend Rosie and her Ted, awaiting my arrival at the Paddington platform! There they were, taking my bag, guiding me toward a delicious Italian restaurant (I don't remember the name!), and discussing British architecture. You see, there are so very many differing types of it to ponder. There is the Victorian, the Georgian, the Edwardian, the Elizabethan (not necessarily in that order), and many others. I think I liked the Georgian best. 

And so, the St Ives adventure has finished, and I am about ready to be welcomed home. I can almost see those three small heads bobbing, arms reaching, voices calling, "Grandma! you CAME!" And the grownups, standing somewhere behind those nice heads, and smiling.

It will be the sweetest thing.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

P.S. Of course, the SconeLady will be returning to this space. The end of one adventure does not mean the end of all adventure.

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