Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cornwall, Day 28 (Sweet Tea and Post Cards)

I was drinking tea in a small cafe, and writing kiddie post cards. I need to write kiddie post cards because I keep thinking of them and of being away from them and this is one way I can stay close. 

I was writing something like, "I really like salty french fries, don't you?" when the man right next to me began shouting into his phone. It was shocking. Something had apparently gone terribly wrong at work, and thousands of pounds were at stake. Thousands and THOUSANDS of pounds. I froze. The people around me froze. We tried not to listen, but really. Shouting means you don't actually even have a choice.

All of us in there were ready to dial 999 if something dreadful happened (=911). The phone conversation was becoming more and more heated and naughty language slipped out and, just then - a very sweet little elder lady, with a cane, tried to open the door and come in. She was oblivious of anything going on inside. She carried a large bag with one hand, and with the cane, she couldn't get the door open. I hurried over to open it, she walked in, and then she smiled.

That smile was just so sweet! Her hair was soft, and pure white, and her coat was red. She had her lipstick on. The whole package spoke goodness to that little cafe. The shouting man saw her in mid-shout, and stopped his shout. Suddenly hung up. She proceeded slowly to the counter, and asked, "Yes dear, may I please have some country sausage, and a slice of Parma ham, and perhaps a cheddar? Thank you so much. I'll take it in my bag."

Just then the man left. Along with him went all of his anger, and our panic, and I could begin thinking about those silly french fries again.

When the white-haired lady had gone back out the door, a man went up to the counter and said, "I'll have whatever she's having." 

It was the perfect thing to say, and we all laughed. You've gotta love the Brits. They can go from fear to mirth in one swift stroke. 

Now if we all could just figure out whatever it is that she is having.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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