Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cornwall, Day 16 (Warmth and Italian Coffee)

The harsh reality set in early on: distance. home. my darling. The grandchildren! Oh dear.

'So far away.. Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? 
It would be so fine to see your face at my door, 
but it doesn't help to know, 
you're just time away...'

But it was their GRANDmother who doesn't seem to 'stay in one place' least for the next few weeks! And so I got out my pounds and pence, put on a coat, and strolled down to the little British Post Office for post cards and stamps. I had told them I would send them the craziest post cards I could find, and although they aren't terribly 'crazy', they are rather fun:

I wanted to find the perfect place to write on my new post cards, and remembered the cutest little Italian coffee house right near the harbor: The Pier Coffee Bar. It is owned and operated by the absolutely sweetest Italian couple, in their 30s and determined to make a 'go' of their little shop. The door stood open. The sun shone brightly through the big windows onto the little tables, their two smiling faces beaming out at me as I stood on the cobbles. 

Who could walk past such a lovely scene? Not I. And so in I went. We had visited them last October, learning about how they had come from Italy (Milan, was it?) to visit Cornwall. They fell in love with it (of course!) and picked up sticks and moved here. It was the sweetest thing.

They have a baby and lots of energy, and we have decided to support them by buying lots of coffee, and tea, and Italian cakes! What a delicious way to live. If you find yourself in St Ives, 'Don't Pass Go, Don't Collect $200'...! Go STRAIGHT to The Pier Coffee Bar.

Later on I told my sister and her kindly husband about the place, and we three ended up right there, in the sunshine, this time with GOODIES. Delicious!

Day 16 in Cornwall has been pronounced ideal by all who have lived it. You should just see the crowds out on the streets of St Ives! I think they are mostly British because wherever you go, people are seated out of doors, heads leaning back, eyes closed, just soaking in the sunlight. People come from miles around just for that. Who cares about restaurants, or museums, or cobbled streets when the SUN is shining? (I ask you).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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