Friday, March 6, 2015


I thought there must be some kind of mistake, hearing a clock alarm going off at so dreadful an hour. But no, it was real. I must get my skates on and dash out to the airport shuttle.

It is interesting to (accidentally, of course) hear the conversations of other people along the way. A physician on an urgent phone call from a patient's husband. The patient's left foot was in pain after surgery and could not wear the 'boot' prescribed for her, he explained. "No, she simply cannot put it on, Doctor," said the husband on speaker phone. "Alright then, I am going to be flying for the next four hours and so I shall put you in touch with my colleague.." said the doctor, and he drifted on past.

Then there was the exasperated father speaking to his tiny daughter. "Millie, do sit still. It's fine, we will be on the plane soon and see mummy.. no don't climb up onto that counter, it isn't meant for little girls.. oh dear, do climb down now, there's a good girl.."

And so on.

But they are calling our flight, and it is time. It is wonderfully comforting to know that I will see my family standing there, smiling at me upon landing - in just half a day! I will have jet lag, and I will be disheveled with makeup fading. But they won't care or even notice. For we will be together.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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