Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cornwall, Day 23 (While You Were Sleeping)

There was to be a gathering, and I was invited! Granted, I would be almost 6,000 miles away but what does that matter when you have modern technology? I couldn't wait.

The trouble really is that when I am awake, they are asleep, and I must wait for them to wake up. Then they must get themselves rallied and bathed and ready to go, and one of them has to drive an hour and a half. So to keep myself from being crazy, I write, or eat, or walk around this absolutely smashing place.

Along the path between St Ives and Carbis Bay. Sweet!

All with scarcely a cloud in the sky, however far you may look. Something has happened here in Cornwall these past weeks, don't you think? Instead of rain and wind and cold, we have really only had - wind and cold! The beauty out here is real, but deceptive because it makes you feel that it must be warm just outside your window. (*ahem*. It's not).

All this blue isn't just my imagination, though. I watched a British program today called Escape To The Country (have you seen it? YouTube!), which features three country properties being shown to a couple who want to move away from the city. Today's episode was filmed in Cornwall. Yay! And all of the shots revealed the most fabulous clear skies, just exactly what I have been finding. All great reasons to visit!

And then at long last my family woke up and bathed and traveled, and the phone began to ring, joy of joys. I glanced down at it and saw the most beautiful thing, even more beautiful than the shores of Cornwall:


'Alex', the Antelope!
There three of them were (the others just outside the frame), standing and staring at me with three huge smiles! They were all together, a family reunion of sorts, and I got to be a part of it. There were bits and pieces from the family farm to look at, to sort out, and decide upon. There were very old quilts, and tea towels, and dishes. And most amazingly, there was an antelope head with horns! And then, just plain horns with no head. It was overwhelming.

But best of all was just seeing them. The people my life is inextricably linked with, with the link of Charity. All of the belongings on this earth do not compare with that. I am thankful.

So the FaceTime was done and it was time to hang up. But the feeling of it lingered on, as I walked the quaintest streets ever, as I made my dinner, and as I sat down to continue a story that deserves to be told. As a matter of fact the feeling lingers still, even though it has been several days.

It's one of those things that doesn't ever go away, because Charity never does. Even while you are sleeping.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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