Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cornwall, Day 22 (Complimentary)

Have you ever been called "My Lovelie?" or "My Beautiful" multiple times in one go? If not, you really do need to come to England and experience it. It's lots of fun.

This all happened during the mundane job of grocery shopping, when one really does not think of being called anything at all. Lovely and Beautiful are nice, but you don't often hear them in the cheese aisle. I needed to find the cheese, and couldn't because things aren't always where you might expect them to be, here. The cheese was not in the cream section, or the butter section, or even the milk section. And so I asked.

"Hello sir, can you help me to find the cheese, please?"  

He was a young man, and enthusiastic. "Oh yes, my Lovelie! Right over here.."

I thought I had misunderstood, but he finished off with, "Here it is, tucked away for you, my Beautiful!" I actually blushed.

When it was time to check out, I found that he was my cashier. He saw me, and blurted out, "Oh my Lovelie! Bring your things right over here!" All throughout the process he cheerfully chattered away, punctuating his sentences with "That's fine, my Lovelie," and "Those are nice apples, My Beautiful", and even "Another bag, My Darling?," until I started giggling. I looked sheepishly at the other patrons in the line but they didn't seem to notice. 

I was almost sorry to leave. 

But there was a lighthouse I wanted to see, and the Italian Coffee Bar to visit. And then there was a Gallery to peruse, and finally, all that food to eat. So out I walked, still beaming from the compliments.

Lighthouse on Smeaton's Pier, St Ives

An amazing porcelain jug at Porthminster Gallery, created by ceramicist Stephanie Pace. It CRIES OUT to be purchased!

Darling pathway between Lelant and St Ives, with the ever-present Godrevey Lighthouse shining away on its island

As I wrote the kiddies their daily post cards, sitting next to the open door in the Italian Coffee Bar, I thought it was pretty great to have a day like this one's been. It isn't every day an American lady in a pink cap gets called nice names by a young and cheerful Cornish grocery clerk. 

I wonder if it'll ever happen again?

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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