Friday, March 13, 2015

Where We Are Tonight

So this is where we were this morning, and where we loved to be.

Everyone felt that there was nothing quite like an Oregon sunrise, along with the jolly feeling that people who love you are on their way. 

There are only two days left before the SconeLady makes her way back toward stunning Cornwall. But we weren't in a mad rush. There was time to gather, and eat splendid food concockted by dear friends. Time to raise our glasses in a toast to the parents who had loved every person at that table. Time to peruse the items left behind, and to decide where the items should now live.

And now we rest. I am almost asleep, but wonder as I doze, where/what/how is my SISTER DOING? She who had planned to make her way from Heathrow Airport to Victoria Station? Has she found it? Has she gotten her UK SIM card inserted properly? Has she tasted a yummy scone?

All this, and more, I hope to hear by the time I wake up in the morning!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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