Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cornwall, Day 11 ("Neither Rain, nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail..")

We might just as well have been a postman battling the elements, for the elements were certainly out there to battle us.

I don't want to scare anyone who might be planning to come to Cornwall, but - man. We had just finished our breakfast (Norfolk sausage, Cornish scrambled eggs, granary toast, and coffee) when Rosie looked out of the window and said in her mild way, "It's snowing."

We were stunned and sat there in silence until Ted's definitive voice said something like: "Well I'm not moving from this couch, then."

Fore Street, St Ives, March 2015 (but just wait 15 minutes)

But the snow stopped just as quickly as it had appeared, and he did, in fact, move from the couch. But I stayed in, not wishing to risk more freakish weathers. However, Ted and Rosie braved a brisk and possibly even sleet-sprinkled walk to what is called "Hell's Mouth" - which looked a whole lot more like Heaven than its opposite. But even with the sleet, and hail, and snow, all you really need to do (when you don't like the weather here) is WAIT 15 MINUTES. Which they did, with a right good cheer.

  • they came home and ate their 'tasties' 
  • they visited the Tate Gallery to be amazed by the International Photography collection
  • we texted and called and decided to meet at the Digey Food Room!
  • we had our favorite scones with tea and there was jam and cream and lots of laughter
  • came home and tried to solve all the problems in the Middle East - and failed

I don't think we'll try to do that again anytime soon. Some problems just won't be solved. And anyway, I'd much rather think about how to bake Josh's unbelievably light and tasty recipe for Digey Food Room scones.

Doesn't that sound nice? Maybe more people should try it.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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