Monday, March 9, 2015

Waiting For Cornwall

It was something I had always dreamed of doing, but never figured I would. Does this describe you? 'Travel' is usually something people have on their wish lists, but have had to put off. There are typically two reasons for this: money, and time. *Can I get an Amen?! I think this is completely reasonable because one can't just run off willy-nilly to see the world if they don't have the money or the time.

And there is another very important reason which may be related, but actually stands on its own: the fabulous factor of spouses and children. They need us. They love us. We need them. We love them. A person can't just run off willy-nilly to see the world, and leave them behind. It just doesn't work that way. 

And so we find ourselves waiting for it. Dreaming of it, but getting on with life. Today I want to encourage you, dear Readers, not to give up on the dreaming part. As you scrub your kitchen floor or clean the sweet faces of your children, let the hopes and the dreams play out. It could take time, but you will likely find yourself at a baggage carousel watching for the one with a destination tag declaring: LONDON HEATHROW. YAY!

The world becomes your oyster! You have the idea and then you plan it out, step by step which (as you know) is at least half the fun. And may I say? May I encourage? England is a fabulous place to start!

So, step one is probably already in place - the dreaming. Go with it! It won't hurt a bit if you let your fingers type in some ideal destination you think you would love. No wanderer ever began immediately, but instead took the time to make it happen well. Even if it takes time to get there. Even if you must save up the money to carry you there. Even if you must wait until the children are older, and your husband can be on board. 

I shall be back in Cornwall again soon, dear Readers! Ready to give you all the inside info on that particularly gorgeous, sweet part of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, think about it. Where would you like to be? Let your mind wander a bit, and then perhaps I might...

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

*the lovely daughter's trademark call-out!

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