Monday, March 2, 2015

Cornwall, Day 10 (Penzance in the Wind)

One of the nicest things about friends is finding out that they like doing what you like doing. We have all discovered this and it keeps repeating itself over and over. We like traveling; we like eating; and talking lots; laughing even more; scoping out delicious bits to eat; and most of all, we all like walking

Our Ted has bought himself a number of books that suggest good 'Walks' in Cornwall, and he always comes up with the choicest. We vaguely understand the general direction we are going, but friend Rosie and I do not bother very much about that. It won't matter if we haven't a clue where we are going, because Ted will always get us there in the end.

We will fortify ourselves with water bottles, apples, perhaps a sandwich or two, and then set off following Ted's head. We may be waylaid, looking at various plants or birds (or if in a town, an enticing shop), but somehow we always find, or are found by, Ted.

Today we decided to grab the number 17 bus from St Ives to Penzance, and walk around there. The bus arrived exactly on time (British transportation!) and so we piled on and climbed to the top of the double decker. 7 minutes later the SconeLady found that she had neglected to take a motion sickness pill! This she swiftly did, while descending to the lower level to recover herself. Ted paused in his discussion of - I can't remember, was it Rugby? - and Rosie looked suddenly concerned. But all was well, the remedy worked and the day was saved. Yay!

Were we rained upon? Yes, here and there - but we were lucky to find ourselves at the door of an Italian Coffee Bar just in the nick of time. As rain drifted down upon all those unfortunate heads outside our window, we calmly drank our coffees in blissful comfort. Perfection.

We also:

  • visited Ted's tobacconist and found that he was soon closing because he kept having to post signs that said tobacco can kill you and that was not good for business. 
  • visited a cute bookshop where the lady gave Ted a map showing the prettier sides of Penzance including lovely gardens
  • wandered our way along toward the gardens but then finding that we needed a loo but couldn't find one, and then found one in the nick of time
  • ate lunch at the startling Turk's Head Inn, in style*
  • saw the lovely gardens!
  • parted with Rosie, who wanted to see St. Michael's Mount. I went back to rest, Ted to sit along the Harbor (and perhaps, visit The Sloop?), while she took a bus to Marazion.
But alas - St. Michael's Mount was closed. The pottery shop in Marazion was closed! All of the shops in Marazion were closed! The Town Hall was - you guessed it - closed!

Everything, disconcertingly, was closed. And Rosie had missed the next bus back and so had to take a meandering sort of bus that stopped frequently to let off all of the school children and the pensioners at their respective houses. It was really rather sweet.

We ended by enjoying Rosie's sausage casserole, fresh granary bread and lots and lots of Cornish butter. Ted and I sat, expectantly. Rosie carried the delicious dish over and placed it gently down onto the table. She had us with the Aroma. We waited...

"Tuck in, then!" said she.

You don't have to tell us twice.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

*you've got to see the Turk's poor head!

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